A Girl & Her Guard Dog manga: Where to read, what to expect, and more

A Girl & Her Guard Dog manga is a series whose premise can be quite unusual to a lot of people but also has a lot of strong comedy and flows quite well. The relationship between the protagonist Isaku Senagaki and her beloved, Keiya Uto, ends up becoming the central point of this series.

The recent anime adaptation by Project No. 9 Studio, which, as of this writing, only has one episode, has given the A Girl & Her Guard Dog manga a lot more attention.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that a lot of people want to give this series a chance and understand what the hype is all about, especially considering the aforementioned romance between Isaku and Keiya.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the A Girl & Her Guard Dog manga.

A Girl & Her Guard Dog can be read on the K Manga app

The good news for people who want to give this shojo series a try is that they can read on the K Manga app by their publisher, Kodansha. People only need to download the app and they can read all the series published by the company, including, of course, A Girl & Her Guard Dog manga.

As far as people who prefer physical copies go, they can go and give the Amazon platform a look. The series, at least as of this writing, has nine volumes since it started publication back in December of 2018. The entire series can be bought on that website in English.

What to expect

A Girl & Her Guard Dog manga tells the story of teenager Isaku Senagaki and her struggles with having a normal life because her grandfather is the leader of the yakuza.

While she is friendly and likable, most people just run away from her, which causes her to struggle a lot with loneliness and the fear that she could cause problems to her “family business”.

There is also the element of Keiya Uto and his role in this story, serving both as a bodyguard and love interest for Isaku.

He is overprotective of the young Senagaki lady, which is often the source of a lot of comedy in the manga, but also shows how deeply they care for one another and that eventually leads to a love story.

Like most shojo series, there is an obstacle in their love and that is when Isaku needs to enroll in high school, which leads Keiya to fake his age and join as well.

This is one of the most funny aspects of the manga and serves to show the lengths Keiya will go through in order to be with Isaku and to protect her as well.

A Girl & Her Guard Dog manga has a lot of heart and the series shows how Keiya and Isaku develop an even stronger bond as the story progresses. It also shows Isaku coming out of her shell during her school life, which is one big focus of her character development.

Final thoughts

A Girl & Her Guard Dog manga is a solid series with a simple premise and a straightforward direction, which works quite well. Keiya and Isaku’s relationship feels very organic and the progression evolves very well, which is the series’ biggest selling point.

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