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A Sign of Affection (Yubisaki to Renren) is a Japanese manga series available online. Suu Morishita has written and illustrated this manga. It was first published as a series in July 2019. A Sign of Affection first appeared in Kodansha’s Dessert magazine. As of January 2023, eight volumes have been released.

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Highlights of the A Sign of Affection manga series

Development and Reception of the manga

Suu Morishita were interested in the idea of sign language and hence decided to make this as the main theme of their manga. This was revealed during their interview to Kodansha USA. However, both of them did not have much idea and experience about sign language. In order to learn more, they did research, such as reading books on the topic, interviewing other people and taking help from teachers.

As for the art they wanted to give a soft and delicate style. Therefore for outliners they decided to use Copic Multiliner brown markers. They used Dr. Ph. Martin’s color ink for the coloring.

It was informed on June 24, 2021 that the manga will be briefly discontinued. This was due to the writer giving birth to a child. However, it again restarted in November 2021 and as of June 2022, seven volumes have been produced in English.

Kodansha USA informed in March 2020 that they have taken the license for English publication of this manga globally. A print publication for the series was announced in July 2020. In the same month it was informed that digital versions shall be published simultaneously with the Japanese release. Rosalys translated the series into French and it was published by Akata.

In the 2020 Next Manga Award, A Sign of Affection was given a rank of 17. In the top 20 Manga for female readers award in 2020 this series was ranked at 9th. In 2021 this manga series got nominated for the Kodansha Manga Award in the Shoujo category. Again in 2022 it was nominated in the same category. In the first Ebook Japan manga award, A Sign of Affection was nominated. It also won the award at the 11th An An manga award.

The first volume of the series received praise from Sean Gaffney from Manga Bookshelf. He called it an excellent beginning and expressed desire to read more. It also received positive reception from Koiwai of Manga News, Darkstorm from Anime UK News. Darkstorm praised it saying it is beautifully illustrated and written.

Storyline of A Sign of Affection manga

Yuki is an university student whose hearing has been affected since birth and is deaf. She has a best friend called Rin. She rarely connects with anyone apart from Rin. For her entire life, she has lived in the same place. She meets a person named Itsuomi who knows several languages and a polyglot. Itsuomi is a mutual friend of Rin and Yuki meets him during her commute on one day. Yuki is a quintessential college student and she is interested in her friends, social media, and the latest fashion.

Unlike most of the people, Itsuomi is steadfast when he finds out about Yuki’s impairment. Yuki is fascinated by him and gets moved by his resoluteness and his experiences abroad. She develops affection and liking on him after they part their way. Yuki and Itsuomi gets to know each other’s lives and it opens up a new world for them. Itsuomi can speak three different languages and sign language isn’t one of them.

A Sign of Affection is a lighthearted, romantic comedy manga series. It displays the quiet life of a university student and how another person narrating his experiences changes her own life.

Characters appearing in A Sign of Affection manga


Yuki is an university student who is deaf. Therefore, she communicates using sign language and using her phone. While going on a train she meets a mutual friend of her friend. His name is Itsuomi and he can speak in three different languages and hence a polyglot.

When an overseas tourist asks her for directions she gets into panic, however, Itsuomi helps her. They both feel attracted to each other and plan for a date on a winter’s night. However, Yuki’s friend Rin feels she might get hurt in this relationship. The manga series explores this love story.

Yuki gets attracted by the charismatic nature of Itsuomi.

Yuki from A Sign of Affection manga


Itsuomi is from the same university as Yuki and is her senior. He is a member of the International Club in the University. Itsuomi can speak in multiple languages and a polyglot. He is fluent in Japanese, English, and German and can also speak a little of Chinese and Spanish. Itsuomi travels and journeys around the world frequently. He has never had a deaf friend before and cannot interpret sign language.

Itsuomi is on the mission of becoming a teacher for children in less developed countries. He wants to teach them about the world beyond their own country. Itsuomi meets Yuki and is drawn towards her. He gets interested in learning the sign language from her.

Itsuomi from A Sign of Affection manga


Rin is from Yuki’s university and one of Yuki’s best friend. She supports Yuki’s relationship with Itsuomi but is worried if it might hurt Yuki. Rin likes Kyouya who is Itsuomi’s cousin.

Rin from A Sign of Affection manga


Kyouya works as a manager at a small cafe bar. He is the cousin of Itsuomi.

Kyouya from A Sign of Affection manga


For a long time Emma likes Itsuomi and falls in love with him. However, Itsuomi repeatedly rejects her advances.


Oushi is the childhood friend of Yuki and he is in love with her. Because of this he is worried about Yuki and Itsuomi’s relationship. Oushi has learned the sign language for Yuki and he is good at it.

Oushi from A Sign of Affection manga


He is the best friend of Itsuomi in Japan. Shin works as a hairdresser and Itsuomi allows him to experiment with his hair.

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Where to read A Sign of Affection manga for free online?

A Sign of Affection Volume 1: Chapters 1 to 4

Yuki was born deaf and she attends university while wearing a hearing instrument. While travelling on a train she is asked directions by a foreigner and does not know what to do. A senior from her same university, Itsuomi, comes to her help. Itsuomi does not treat her differently the way everyone else does.

Every time they meet, Yuki is more and more charmed by Itsuomi making her feel she is falling in love with him. She is called to a Laundromat where Itsuomi is present. The two spend time together alone where they feel they are getting close to each other. Read the chapters online here.

  • Volume 1 Chapter 1: Sign.1 The World of Yuki
  • Volume 1 Chapter 2: Sign.2 Toward Affection
  • Volume 1 Chapter 3: Sign.3 Unseen
  • Volume 1 Chapter 4: Sign.4 More
A Sign of Affection manga Volume 1 Chapters 1 to 4

A Sign of Affection Volume 2: Chapters 5 to 8

Why is the time we spend together is so little? Yuki is hearing impaired and gets to meet her college senior Itsuomi. Contrary to what she thought, Itsuomi does not care much about her impairment. As he treats her just like a normal person, she likes him and fall in love with him. She is firm and strong and wants to face the love with all might. Yuki wants to understand Itsuomi better but it is not so easy. Read the chapters here.

  • Volume 2 Chapter 5: Sign.5 Someone is thinking of someone
  • Volume 2 Chapter 6: Sign.6 Voices and Wavelengths
  • Volume 2 Chapter 7: Sign.7 Want to show her and want him to see me
  • Volume 2 Chapter 8: Sign.8 The Answer
A Sign of Affection manga Volume 2 Chapters 5 to 8

A Sign of Affection Volume 3: Chapters 9 to 12

Itsuomi who was a puzzle for Yuki begins to understand him after he starts opening up to her. He starts to express his feelings to her and their relationship starts growing deeper. Read the chapters here.

  • Volume 3 Chapter 9: Sign.9 I always want to be watching her
  • Volume 3 Chapter 10: Sign.10 February 21st
  • Volume 3 Chapter 11: Sign.11 Far and Near
  • Volume 3 Chapter 12: Sign.12 Coming Home
A Sign of Affection manga Volume 3 Chapters 9 to 12

A Sign of Affection Volume 4: Chapters 13 to 16

After falling in love with Itsuomi, Yuki who is a deaf college student wants to travel the world with him. Read the chapters here.

  • Volume 4 Chapter 13: Sign.13 Let me introduce you to my girlfriend
  • Volume 4 Chapter 14: Sign.14 Sign Language training trip
  • Volume 4 Chapter 15: Sign.15 I don’t want to go home
  • Volume 4 Chapter 16: Sign.16 Precious
A Sign of Affection manga Volume 4 Chapters 13 to 16

A Sign of Affection Volume 5: Chapters 17 to 20

After Yuki and Itsuomi get to know each other they soon start dating and get into a relationship. Itsuomi immediately introduces her to his best friend. This makes Yuki to believe how much he cares about her. Read the chapters here.

  • Volume 5 Chapter 17: Sign.17 Oushi’s World
  • Volume 5 Chapter 18: Sign.18 A shift
  • Volume 5 Chapter 19: Sign.19 The Night I want to see you
  • Volume 5 Chapter 20: Sign.20 A Destination Together
  • Volume 5 Chapter 20.5: Sign.20.5 Returning Home Routine
A Sign of Affection manga Volume 5 Chapters 17 to 20

A Sign of Affection Volume 6: Chapters 21 to 24

Read the chapters here.

  • Volume 6 Chapter 21: Sign.21 Resolution
  • Volume 6 Chapter 22: Sign.22 Cloudy Followed By
  • Volume 6 Chapter 23: Sign.23 Childhood Friends and Friends
  • Volume 6 Chapter 24: Sign.24 Sweet Night
A Sign of Affection manga Volume 6 Chapters 21 to 24

A Sign of Affection Volume 7: Chapters 25 to 28

Read the chapters here.

  • Volume 7 Chapter 25: Sign.25 The Proposal
  • Volume 7 Chapter 26: Sign.26 Yawns and Signs

New chapters released!. Read the latest chapters from below:

  • Volume 7 Chapter 27: Sign.27 The Curtain Rises on Mitoki Theater
  • Volume 7 Chapter 28: Sign.28 Can I Tell You How I Feel?
A Sign of Affection manga Volume 7 Chapters 25 to 27

A Sign of Affection Volume 8: Chapters 29 to 32

New chapters released!. Find out what happens in the end of this manga:

  • Volume 8 Chapter 29: Sign.29 Intimate Tears
  • Volume 8 Chapter 30: Sign.30 He Rings the Doorbell with Gusto
  • Volume 8 Chapter 31: Sign.31 Public Bath and Hot Spring
  • Volume 8 Chapter 32: Sign.32 I Want Us to be Together
A sign of affection volume 8 chapter 29

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