Is Chainsaw Man over? Status of the manga and anime explained

Many people consider Chainsaw Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto a contemporary phenomenon and one of the best new-gen anime. Only a handful of manga and anime have had such a significant effect on the industry and popular culture. Its popularity comes from how it has built the world and from the popular characters we are introduced to in every new arc.

With the current anime adaptation, there has been a lot of uncertainty about when the story will end, leaving fans to wonder: Is Chainsaw Man over? Or what is the status of the manga and anime? Since the anime’s first season received positive reviews, it makes sense that everyone is now eagerly awaiting the release of a second season. Meanwhile, the manga is currently in chapter 123.

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Chainsaw Man manga and anime to run for few more years

Chainsaw Man manga status

The quick answer to whether the Chainsaw Man manga will conclude soon is “no.” The final answer to this question is that the manga will likely continue for a few more years and probably end in 2024 or 2025. With 97 chapters and 11 volumes, beginning in December 2018 and finishing in December 2020, part one of the manga came to a close.

Part two of the manga, or everything that happens after volume 11/chapter 97, is currently doing exceptionally well and will probably last us a couple more years, as the second part follows the same release order as the first. The second part of the manga came out in July 2022, and there are now 123 chapters in 13+ volumes.

Several viewers believed that Chainsaw Man: Part 1 was the story’s conclusion and that the second installment was a sequel with Asa as the main character in a different location. However, Tatsuki Fujimoto confirmed in a March 2022 interview with BFMTV that the following part was already prepared from the very conclusion of the first.

Since this is the case, we can be sure that the author thinks of Chainsaw Man as a continuing series. The first part of the manga is enough to conclude it, and that is what the Chainsaw Man anime will be about for a long time to come. However, with the second part of the manga, with new characters in the play, things get more interesting.

Again, though, we’re left wondering whether or not Tatsuki Fujimoto plans to write part 3 once he finishes part 2, steer the series in a different direction, or simply discontinue it. As indicated in the same interview with BFMTV, Fujimoto expressed his desire to concentrate on one-shots due to the burden of producing a weekly series like Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man anime status

The anime has covered chapter 38 with 12 episodes in total and has left plenty of content for the future. Like the first season, season 2 is expected to have 12 episodes, and the main characters will still be looking for the Gun Devil, as Tokyo Special Division 4 has just started working.

The upcoming season will include the Bomb Girl arc and possibly the International Assassin’s arc. If the second season enters the International Assassins’ storyline, viewers will be able to see Master, Aldo’s older brother, Quanxi, and the Santa Claus.

The Bomb Girl arc will mostly center on Reze’s actions and her epic fight with Denji. Season 1’s post-credits scene featured Reze, a Bomb Devil hybrid working for the Soviet Union, attempting to win Denji’s heart.

Final thoughts

Denji and Pochita (Image via MAPPA)

While the first season ended in December, we might hear formal word regarding the second season anytime. The anime has a lot of material to cover, and it is expected to span 2 to 3 seasons. If there is a part 3 of the manga, we may expect the anime series to last a long time.

On the other hand, the manga is currently in chapter 123, and its conclusion may not come until next year. Part 2 is expected to be completed in the same amount of time as part 1, which took two years to complete.

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