Is Bakugo Dead in My Hero Academia? Answered (Updated)

Going into the final arc of My Hero Academia, it was clear that some characters wouldn’t make it out alive. The stakes are too high, the enemies are too fierce, and it wouldn’t be a proper Shonen story without a heroic death or two. Some deaths were bound to hit harder than others though, and if you’ve heard the news or seen the relevant chapter, you’re probably wondering: Is Bakugo dead in My Hero Academia? Well, whether we like it or not, we’ve got the answer you’re looking for.

*Warning: Massive My Hero Academia Manga Spoilers Ahead. If you are behind on the comic or only watch the anime, turn back now*

Does Bakugo Die in My Hero Academia? Answered

Based on what occurs in My Hero Academia’s manga chapter 362, Bakugo does in fact die in a heart-wrenching moment.

This comes at the hands of the All for One-controlled Shigaraki, who he had been facing down in an attempt to buy time until Deku could arrive and take on the big bad in their climactic confrontation. Though he had the support of UA’s Big Three, a slew of Pro Heroes and several of his classmates, All for One proved too strong thanks to the implanting of his many gathered quirks into the younger and less worn Shigaraki’s body.

Likewise, All for One was dead set on killing Bakugo for a couple of reasons. One was to wound Izuku as deeply as possible, potentially putting him into a frenzied enough state so that he couldn’t use One for All properly. The other is that Bakugo posed a serious threat to All for One, wielding his Explosion quirk with enough skill that he may have stood a chance against him under different conditions.

Bakugo, meanwhile, wasn’t going to run away under any circumstance, and faced All for One down despite this potential outcome. He even pushed his quirk toward new levels of power, though not in a way that could prevent a death blow from All for One.

The manga doesn’t leave much room for interpretation either. Several panels from the chapter depict Bakugo in the afterlife, having his heart torn open or left in a lifeless state, with little to no glimmers of a sudden cop-out or misinterpretation.

Does Bakugo Get Brought Back to Life?

Fortunately, there is a McGuffin that My Hero Academia has brought out to revive Bakugo and pull him back from his untimely death. Not only that, but it’s through a method that literally no one else aside from Kōhei Horikoshi would have thought of.

In a strange turn of events, the pro hero Edgeshot reduces himself down to a paper sheet small enough that he can cover the damaged portion of Bakugo’s heart. Best Jeanist is then in charge of sewing the damaged portions of Bakugo’s body together and resuscitating him.

By doing this, Edgeshot ultimately sacrifices himself in the process of bringing Bakugo back. Obviously, losing this minor hero does not carry nearly the same weight as the sting of one of the series’ most beloved characters dying, but at the very least, there is some kind of consequence for these events.

Hopefully this clears up whether or not Bakugo is dead in My Hero Academia. For more on the series, check out any of the articles down below. For more on all things anime, we’ve got a variety of lists and features covering topics like the most popular anime series, the most OP anime characters and the best anime rivalries.