100 Chapter 100

The echo that came through the wooden wall of the player’s waiting room somehow sounded similar to the sound of the gnomes groaning.

But that didn’t bother him much.

Compared to the roars of the audience who were too excited every five minutes, this was close to whispering.

“Hah, can you hear that scream? I think it’s louder than yesterday. Everyone must be really excited.”

Izek was not interested in whether the crowd, sitting in the stands and howling like beasts, were excited or not.

There was only one person he thought about. He just wanted to hurry up, finish everything and run and hug them.

“Andymion, stop chattering and wipe it clean.”

“Are you nervous?”

Since when did he stop listening to him like this?

With such thoughts in his head, Izek moved his cleanly tied handkerchief back close to the sword handle.

Meanwhile, Andymion chatted brightly without stopping as he wiped.

“I guarantee you that you will win today without any problems. And one day, after I become a paladin, I will definitely participate in this competition and take over the honour of respect.”

“Why are you here?”

“What? As your trainee, I have to support you until the end… Did I do something wrong?”

“Suddenly, I thought your existence itself was wrong.”

“You’re too much, sir. Please don’t take it out on me like that because you’re annoyed that you can’t meet your wife.”

It was a very cheeky response, but Izek fell into agony for a while instead of getting angry.

Since when did he become so sly?

“Are you in puberty?”

“…no, I’m sorry. I’m just jealous.”


“So after you win today, my lady will smile brightly and be happy, right? But I don’t know if I’ll be able to find someone to do so when I become like you. To be honest, it’s hard for me to talk to young ladies.… .”

Andymion, sighed in a serious tone.

Of course, Izek had no heart to listen to his trainee’s love concerns.

Fortunately, the knock rang just in time.

“Sir Izek, someone’s here for you.”

It was news that made his ears prick up.

Visiting him with the match just around the corner, he couldn’t believe she did such a cute thing….?

“Oh, it’s just her.”

To make matters worse, Izek, who left the waiting room in an excited mood even though he didn’t show it off because of his trainee, soon couldn’t hide his disappointment.


She was sitting there nervously biting her lips. The reason his excitement died was that this wasn’t the blonde beauty he’d been expecting.

“Iz, wait a minute…!”

He didn’t think there would be a very pleasant conversation, but Freya hurriedly grabbed him, turning straight away.

As she literally held his arm and hung on, Izek was even more annoyed.

“Let go of me.”

“I know you’re mad. But I have something very important to tell you right now….”

“I don’t want to listen to it.”

“It’s about your wife! And Cardinal Valentino.”

As if the mention of his wife was the only thing that could make him halt, Izek stopped and stared at Freya’s face.

Freya sighed and gulped.

“You may not believe it… There is a very important fact you should know. You’ve been fooled all this time.”

“Are you too bored of living all of a sudden?”

“Iz, I…”

“You don’t want to live anymore?”

His cold, bloody eyes fluctuated.

Fear poured into her body, but Freya did not back down. She couldn’t back down like this.

“I guess you think I’m trying to drive a wedge, but I’m not the only one. Your friends and your sister saw it clearly with their own eyes. If you don’t believe me, you can check with them! ”

Izek wasn’t as curious as to what they saw with their eyes usually.

Except when it was about Rudbeckia.

If anything had happened to Rudbeckia, they would have come and delivered it themselves. There was nothing to do after checking.

“They were kissing!”

As he turned back, Freya’s shrill cry rang.

It was so desperate, he thought he heard it wrong for a moment.


“The two were kissing in the garden you made for her. It wasn’t a kiss you’d have with a family member.”


Tears formed in her purple eyes.

On the other hand, his red eyes froze. They were glaring at her like a frozen flame, blasting cold air all around them.

“Speak again. What did you say?”

The growl that finally rang was more of a warning than a push.

He was about to twist her neck right away.

It was unbelievable. Of course, he wouldn’t believe it.

Freya held her trembling hands tightly as if praying.

“I can’t believe it either. Same goes for Ellen… But all the rumours were true, Iz.”


“You were being fooled. Not just you, but all of us… Oh, my. What should I do? What should I do with this?….”

Silence passed by.

In the midst of a long and thin ice-like silence, Izek just stared at Freya without moving as if he had hardened on the spot.

As soon as she tried to open her mouth again, the powerful bell rang loudly shattered the close silence.

“5 minutes left! Players, gather alone!”

The sound of excited players running out into the hallway quickly made it noisy.

Izek, who was about to turn around and join them, once again paused.

“Don’t go!”

“…Let go.”

Freya, who hugged him from behind and hung on him, remained still.

She shook her head hard and whispered in a tearful tone.

“Just give up, Iz. I beg you. I’m so worried that you’re going to be cheated. I don’t know what kind of magic she used on you.… .”

It was an earnest plead that would make any cold-blooded heart melt.

However, Izek shook off Freya’s arms around his waist and took a big step without hesitation.

Freya shouted one last time on his back, which was getting farther away.

“Please open your eyes, Iz! She’s been playing with you from the beginning, she won’t care if you die or not!”

Izek didn’t look back.

* * *

“Are you uncomfortable?”

After returning from the bathroom, I was pressing on the hard seat cushion with my palm, and for some reason, my father-in-law came to the balcony seat.

Oh my. What was wrong? I thought he got close to Cesare.

“Of course not. Will you join us?”

“It’s an honour, but I’m sure my son will say something later.”

“That’s understandable.”

As expected, they were in sync. Well, they were plotting together. I hope they would be happy.

I sat down, picked up a small chocolate on a tray next to my armrest, and put it in my mouth.

It didn’t taste like anything. I hoped this would start soon.

“My lady? Are you comfortable in your seat?”


You don’t have to talk to me, so you two can chat comfortably.

I pushed the chocolate basket away and picked up a colorful candy.

What did this taste like?

“…I heard that sudden news came from Romagna this morning. Any bad news…?”

“Thank you for your concern, but there’s nothing special to do in a hurry. My immature brother just caused another accident.”

“Oh, I think he’ll maintain your reputation steadily there.”

“I had enough without him doing that. Well, this time, he had a fistfight with someone who might be my brother-in-law soon.”

“You mean Duke Seth? You must have a lot of trouble.”

“Yes, as you know, he’s a formidable child. I have to reconcile as soon as possible, but my father seems to be holding him by the back of his neck as the Prince and my brother talk.”

“The Pope seems to be working hard, too. But if you persuade them well, won’t it be solved smoothly?”

“Yes, I’m there, but my brother also has a habit of spilling words without a filter. Honestly, I don’t know what to do either.”

“Hmm, wouldn’t you still listen to the advice of your lovely and smart sister? What do you think, my lady?”

“Oh, right, Ruby. Do you have a good idea.… ?”

No, you should play on your own, why do you keep talking to me?

I felt annoyed but I was forced to open my mouth.

“It’s not a problem to worry about. If he keeps insisting, put him down.”

“… What?”

“Or you can excommunicate. If you want to deal with it secretly, send your henchman to beat him up, put a dead horse on the bed, and threaten him, or if that’s not enough, just assassinate him. It’s a simple solution. As for Brother Enzo, if you take money from him for a few days and confine him in confession, he will quickly become obedient and kiss Father’s feet in no time.”

Nothing went back and forth for a moment.

While I took off the yellow candy wrapper and put it in my mouth, the two handsome noblemen just stared at me with his mouth open like a baby bird.

“…..ahem, sir, did you maybe…”

“Oh, yes. Actually, I had an argument with her…”

“Ah, yes, as expected. This old man doesn’t even know how his daughter-in-law feels….”

“No, I’m the one at fault…”

I didn’t know what else they whispered about.

Anyway, my father-in-law turned to me, awkwardly uttered words that were difficult to understand, mixed with a cough, and then left.

There was a moment of peaceful stillness for a while. It was hard to say it was quiet because it was so noisy everywhere.

That was until Cesare, who had been glancing at me while coughing, finally spoke again, maybe affected by my father-in-law or so.

* * *