Mashle Manga comes to an end: Did it end naturally or was it forced?

Mashle manga will reach its climax on July 3, 2023, as stated by Shonen Jump News on Twitter earlier this week. The manga by Hajime Komoto started its serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump in January 2020 and has a total of 17 volumes so far. Additionally, it has been announced that the final volume will be released along with an official fan book in October 2023. The ending of the manga marks a period of the rich legacy it has created and the niche it carved over the years. It has also been adapted into an anime series and is currently ongoing, titled Mashle: Magic and Muscles it can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

A recap of Mashle Manga before the final chapter releases

The previous chapter of Mashle marked Mash’s victory against Innocent Zero. The victory and the battle however had consequences attached to it. Mash insisted Innocent Zero undo the damage he had done and using his Return Force Timez Thirds, Innocent Zero restored the lost time without actually affecting the natural flow of time itself.

Mashle Manga comes to an end Did it end naturally or was it forced
Mashle manga. (Image credit goes to Mangakakalot)

But this in itself was a very peculiar act of kindness, as Innocent Zero is no more than just the antagonist of the story. To have agreed to Mash and his requests and to undertake an act of such selfless service was very much unlike the characterization of Innocent Zero.

The story however shifts to the Divine Induction Visionary Hall in a period which is several months later. However, here no one seemed to have qualified as a visionary that year and therefore due to his efforts, Mash was chosen as the visionary. This chapter thus marks Mash’s dreams becoming a reality and how he overcame his shortcomings to achieve what he aspired to over the years.

What is the story of Mashle Manga – is it similar to other aspirational Shonen plots?

  • Mashle manga is the undertaking of the journey by Mash Burnedead. He exists in a magical world but is born without any magic, becoming a threat to the gene pool and a target that must be eliminated.
  • Having existed in secrecy, Mash trains himself to grow physically strong enough to overcome magic itself.
  • He begins his journey to become the Divine Visionary, someone who guides society and protects it.
Mashle Manga comes to an end Did it end naturally or was it forced
Mashle: Magic and Muscles anime. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

The story is similar to Black Clover, and other such aspirational plots. It follows the same structure – a young boy without special powers aspires to achieve the highest possible order through hard work and determination. Stories such as these, therefore, become predictable and are often left out by the larger audience. However, Mashle manga could overcome these challenges because of its well-written plot and the complexities it introduced, making it a different piece out of the ordinary.

The ending of Mashle Manga – was it forced or was it consequential?

The ending of Mashle manga has left fans in a stir. While most are satisfied and content with Mash’s journey and the final resolution, some feel that the ending could’ve been crafted in a better manner. The ending shows Mash convincing Innocent Zero to undo the damage he had done. Fans are excited to see how it ends for Mash in the final addition to the story.

Mashle Manga comes to an end Did it end naturally or was it forced
Mashle manga. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

Mashle manga is innocently crafted and designed to cater to the audience shortly and crisply. The story refrains from dragging or stretching anything, keeping things intact and the objective of the plot definitive. Therefore, saying that the manga’s ending was forced would be an overstatement. The ending was naturally obvious and anticipated and fans are content with what they have received.


Mashle manga has delivered a true story to the audience in recent years and it can be said that the plot was rather concise yet interesting to those who love a good fantasy story. The ending however seems to be abrupt for many, but for those who have known how it would end for Mash, they have received an ending that would fulfill their expectations from this piece.