Who does Anzu end up with in Romantic Killer? Does she find love?

You’re probably here after bingeing all 12 episodes of the unexpectedly enjoyable anime, Romantic Killer.

The Netflix romantic dramedy is an adaptation of Wataru Momose’s manga, first serialized in 2019.

The Romantic Killer manga is sadly already over with just 4 volumes, but this isn’t even the worst part: the first season of the anime has already adapted all 39 chapters of the manga, which means the finale of the anime is basically where the manga ended.

This has left a lot of fans with unanswered questions, the biggest one being who Anzu ends up with and whether she finally finds love.

Currently, who Anzu Hoshino ends up with is unrevealed since the story of Romantic Killer is unfinished in the anime as well as the manga. But the most likely candidate seems to be Tsukasa Kazuki, who is the male lead of the series.

Of course, it is impossible to say for sure who Anzu will choose in the end, or whether she chooses anyone at all. Let’s look at our options.

1. Will Anzu end up with Kazuki?

Anzu might end up with Tsukasa Kazuki since they have the most developed relationship in the story and their chemistry has been off the charts since the beginning. Also, Kazuki seems to be the male lead of the manga since the story centers on him more than any other male character.

The growth in the relationship between Anzu and Kazuki has been the most dramatic – so much so that the only legitimate option right now for Anzu seems to be him.

Kazuki also confides in Anzu about his past, the trauma of being stalked by a woman called Yukana, who caused him so much fear and anxiety that he had to change schools.

His father blamed and beat him, accusing him of making it all up, and due to this, he was forced to get a new place and live alone.

Kazuki’s character changes from warm, genial, and friendly, to cold, reserved, and wary after his experience with Yukaka. After Anzu enters his life, he gains some of his original characteristic back.

In episode 12, Kazuki admits that he is in love with Anzu to Junta, who himself has a crush on her.

Both think that Anzu only thinks of them as friends, but there is plenty of reason to believe that Anzu definitely has romantic feelings for Tsukasa Kazuki.

In episode 2 itself, after Anzu and Kazuki’s contrived home dinner date, Anzu begins to realize that Kazuki might not be that aloof and bitter after all. She visibly seems to have a liking towards him, and has to stop herself from thinking more about it of fear for actually falling for him.

In episode 3, she wakes up in his lap. In episode 6, Kazuki is flustered when Anzu appears in make-up, a cute hair-do, and a new outfit for their little shopping trip.

When Yukana enters the story in episode 11, it’s obvious that she’s being set up as Anzu’s nemesis. Kazuki protects Anzu from his stalker and later, when his father starts victim-blaming him again, Anzu stands up for him.

I mean, these indications are more than clear: Anzu and Kazuki are meant to be together!

But then again, Romantic Killer loves playing with stereotypical Shoujo tropes; the whole otome-game/reverse harem/dating sims theme could well be upturned.

2. Will Anzu end up with Riho/Riri?

Riho is the boy-version of the wizard Love Cupid Riri. In episode 8, Riri transformed into Riho so Anzu could take them on a mock-date to make Kazuki jealous. In episode 12, Anzu tells the other wizard Kate, that there is a 0.001% chance that she might make Riho her boyfriend.

Granted, she only says this to save Riri from punishment for casting a spell on Yukana and erasing the latter’s memories.

Riri had kissed Anzu on the forehead and confessed their feelings for her before vanishing in the last episode. Kate had exiled them because it was forbidden for Love Cupids to have personal relations with humans and also for using magic on Yukana.

Riri and Anzu have had the strongest relationship in the series and have seen the most development, even more than Anzu and Kazuki.

Incredibly irritated with Riri in the beginning, Anzu’s aim had always been to beat Riri at their own game. She took any chance she could to spite them, and Riri in turn made things more difficult for Anzu.

If it weren’t for the fact that Riri’s original form is an entirely asexual round yellow creature, I’d have pegged Anzu and them together from the beginning.

The last episode really changed things because we got confirmation that Riri has feelings for Anzu and put their whole wizarding career on the line for her.

The reason they make Yukana an amnesiac is because Yukana had antagonized Anzu. Yukana is taken into custody but Riri doesn’t think imprisonment is enough of a punishment for someone who had convinced a set of thugs to attack Anzu.

Episode 12 makes Riri’s connection to Anzu explicit but also proves that Anzu might also have feelings for her erstwhile teddy-bear.

She first blackmails Kate into letting her see Riri for 15 minutes, and in that time, Riho confesses everything, along with the fact that they want to stay back with Anzu.

Anzu then tells Kate that she might date Riri in Riho form, knowing that Kate cannot separate potential lovers.

With the tone that Romantic Killler is taking, it’s possible that that Anzu and Riho/Riri might actually happen. Well, I totally ship them.

3. Will Anzu end up with Junta?

Anzu might not end up with Junta. Even though Junta is Anzu’s childhood friend, it’s obvious that he will be nothing more than that for her. Anzu friend-zoned him pretty bad.

Junta is the second-male lead and a supporting character in the series. Junta is a very likeable character but unfortunately it’s not very likely that Anzu ends up with him.

He does have a crush on her and the two do have a close bond. Anzu sides with him multiple times and Junta is smitten by Anzu, even taking to playing baseball because Anzu once mentioned she liked athletic guys.

4. Will Anzu end up with Hijiri?

Anzu might not end up with Hijiri. Born a privileged rich spoiled brat, Hijiri is shown to have a change of demeanor after Anzu. He has a romantic interest in Anzu but Anzu considers him only as a friend.

In the latter part of the season, Hijiri becomes much humbler and more down-to-earth after he fails to buy Anzu’s affections for him.

Hijiri proves his friendship not just toward Anzu but for Kazuki and Junta too, when he gets Yukana arrested. He gets his dad to employ Yukana’s uncle and makes sure her crimes don’t go unnoticed.

5. Will Anzu end up with someone else?

Anzu might end up with someone totally unexpected – like Saki, her female best friend.

Saki genuinely cares and loves Anzu, wanting the best for her. Saki tells Kazuki that him living with Anzu might be good for her. When she finds out that Kazuki and Junta are living with Anzu, she promises to keep it a secret.

At the end of the season (and manga) Riri informs Anzu that the Love Cupids have decided that Anzu has to choose a boyfriend before the end of high school graduation or else her favorite possessions – her cat, video games, and chocolate – will be taken away again, this time, forever.

We’ll just have to wait and watch who Anzu will end up with, or whether she finds some kind of loophole in the game and doesn’t choose anyone at all.

6. About Romantic Killer

Romantic Killer is a manga series by Wataru Momose. The manga was launched in 2019 and later got licensed by Viz Media. It will receive a Netflix anime too.

Anzu is a video game addict who loves snacks and all things cat-themed. One day a magical animal pops out of nowhere and transports her to an alternate reality.

Here, Anzu can’t have her favorite things, and her only way to get back is by going through all the obstacles. The obstacles are handsome men who are her potential romantic interests.