Bleach: Thousand-year Blood War – Where does part 1 leave off in the manga series

Bleach: Thousand-year Blood War was announced as a TV series back in 2020, following which the trailer and visual queues were revealed at Jump Festa 2022 on December 18, 2021. Finally, on the command of director Tomohisa Taguchi, everyone witnessed the premiere of the first episode on TV Tokyo on October 11, 2022.

Since then, the first cour of Bleach: Thousand-year Blood War has premiered all the episodes and ended on December 26, 2022, concluding the first 13 episodes of the series. It is said to have 36-39 more episodes, which will run across the whole of 2023.

Bleach: Thousand-year Blood War focuses on the Final Arc of the Bleach manga. The anime premiered with the adaptation of manga chapter 480. It belongs to volume 55 of the Bleach manga series, released back in 2012. The serialization ended in 2016, with a total of 74 manga volumes, and the first part of the anime ended with chapter 542.

Disclaimer: The article contains spoilers from chapter 543 of the manga.

Bleach: Thousand-year Blood War- Part 2 will start from Chapter 543 of the original Bleach manga

Ichigo in Bleach (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Bleach: Thousand-year Blood War anime finishes off its first part with episode 13 of the season. The episode was titled The Blade Is Me, and is said to cover all the chapters from 538 to 542, including both of them.

The next part of Bleach: Thousand-year Blood War is said to start its premiere in the month of July, making it part of the Spring Anime season of 2023. Fans are excited to see what happens in the second cour, as the first one ends with Ichigo getting to acquire his Bankai, and on the other hand, there is Ishida, who meets up with the Quincies.

Bleach: TYBW (image via Studio Pierrot)

Manga followers are well-acquainted with the plot, and they know what to expect from the second part. The anime ended the first cour by combining the last two episodes of the series to level up the excitement of the fans who were waiting for a special episode. Episodes 12 and 13 combined had the premiere of a 1-hour special episode, which marked the end of the first part of Bleach: Thousand-year Blood War.

What to expect in the second cour

According to Bleach’s manga, chapter 543 is the aftermath of the incidents that happened in the last episode of the anime. The chapter is titled Letters, and it contains major spoilers for the second part of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.

Ichigo was able to dual-wield Zangetsu after successfully reforging it into two distinct swords. At Silbern, Uryu approached Yhwach, who was sitting on his throne. Uryu wore a Sternritter uniform.

Uryu was welcomed as Yhwach’s son and asked to join the war. Several Sternritters are outraged that Yhwach chose a stranger to be their new leader. Bazz-B is noticeably angry with the announcement. The Sternritters began to argue that Jugram Haschwalth was destined to be the next leader since he was the fittest to be named Yhwach’s successor.

Uryu eventually asks Yhwach why he picked him to be his successor. He said that because of his announcement, there was animosity among several Sternritters. The former is relieved since he does not want sheeps following him. Uryu eventually realizes Yhwach’s decision and aspires to do his best for his master.

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