What Manga Chapter Does the Black Clover Anime End On?

Black Clover is one of the most popular ongoing shonen anime, with a fanbase for the manga and the anime adaptation. As such, many of those who finish the anime might want to move on to the manga. But, for those who don’t have time for 300+ chapters, what manga chapter does the Black Clover anime end on?

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What Is Black Clover Black All About?

Black Clover follows Asta and Yuno, who were raised together after being abandoned at a church as babies. Growing up, both dreamed of becoming the Wizard King, a coveted title bestowed only upon the strongest mage in the kingdom.

But there’s one major complication as Yuno grows into a strong adolescent mage but Asta lacks magic.

A twist of fate, however, gives him another strength; anti-magic, or the ability to nullify anyone’s magic.

To this day, it’s not clear whether Asta or Yuno will become the Wizard King, but hopefully, we’ll get an answer soon enough.

Meanwhile, the medievalist atmosphere, well-worn but always successful shonen tropes, and the subversive power of the main character make Black Clover worth watching.

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What Manga Chapter Does the Black Clover Anime End On?

For those wondering where to start reading Black Clover after the anime, the anime concludes a few pages before the end of Chapter 270 of the manga.

Fans who have finished watching the anime but don’t want to commit to over 300 manga chapters can safely start from Chapter 270.

At 170 episodes, the Black Clover anime was going strong, and its dedicated fanbase was disappointed to see it go.

That being said, ending the anime was probably the right decision at the time. If this hadn’t been the case, the anime would be in danger of running out of manga material to adapt.

Some anime have done just that with varying degrees of success, like the original Fruits Basket, and the first Fullmetal Alchemist. But both shows got rebooted when the manga was completed.

This goes on to show that fans will always prefer adaptations that remain faithful to the manga until the end.

This is particularly true since the team working on the shonen manga announced a three-month hiatus starting in May 2022, in preparation for the final arc of Black Clover.

This hiatus means that it’s a particularly good time to pick up the entire manga, rather than only reading those chapters that have not been adapted yet.

Episode 170 of the anime reveals the truth about Asta’s mother and her connection with the grimoire.

Moreover, Asta fights his devil and defeats him to form a devil-binding contract.

At the end of the episode, Nacht also mentions that they only have limited days to train before raiding the Spade Kingdom to stop the Advent of Qliphoth.

With all these developments, you will be justified in wanting to dive right into the next manga chapter.

After all, one almost always gains a fuller experience from the source material.

Though many fans do hope that the remainder of the story will be animated when the manga comes to an end.

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