Where to start Jujutsu Kaisen Manga after Gojo’s Past arc? Explained

The anime adaptation of Gojo’s Past Arc from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga has been simply brilliant. From its remarkable direction, to smooth animation and execution, Mappa has done an incredible job. The first part of the second season is about to end on August 3, 2023. Bubbling with anticipation, fans cannot wait to find out what happens in the next part of Jujutsu Kaisen season 2.

Mappa had announced that the second part of Jujutsu Kaisen will start on August 31, 2023. Since there’s almost a month to wait, many fans of the series are now looking to get started with reading the manga.

However, the question is, where to start the Jujutsu Kaisen manga after the famous Gojo’s Past arc? This article explains the chapters that have already been covered and is likely to get adapted in the next part of JJK 2.

The Gojo’s Past arc of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga is followed by the Shibuya arc

The anime adaptation of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga has been received with immense praise from critics and the audience alike. The second season was released on July 6, 2023, and it set the internet abuzz.

Jujutsu Kaisen manga readers were elated to hear that MAPPA Studios would handle the animation for the series’ second installment. It was also announced that season 2 would be released in two parts.

Poster for Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 (Image via MAPPA)

The first part would focus on Gojo’s Past arc, followed by a Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie recap on August 10, 2023. It was also mentioned that a recap of the first season would be released on August 17, 2023.

Finally, the second part of the season would air from August 31, 2023.

As of writing this article, four episodes have already been released, with the fifth and final episode of Gojo’s Past Arc to release on August 3, 2023.

Satoru Gojo as seen in the anime (Image via MAPPA)

In the meantime, fans of the series are looking to pick up the Jujutsu Kaisen manga before the second part starts. Gojo’s Past Arc consists of the manga chapters 65-78. This arc features two sections, namely The Hidden Inventory, and Premature Death. So far, the anime has already covered The Hidden Inventory arc.

The fifth episode of the series, set to be released on August 3, 2023, will cover the Premature Death mini-arc. It’s noteworthy that The Hidden Inventory section of Gojo’s Past arc has a total of 11 chapters.

Suguru Geto as seen in the anime (Image via MAPPA)

On the other hand, The Premature Death section of Jujutsu Kaisen manga consists of only three chapters (Chapters 76-78).

So, if a fan were to start reading the manga after Gojo’s Past arc anime adaptation, it’d be better to start with Chapter 79, titled A Taste of Things to Come.

Gojo as seen in the anime (Image via MAPPA)

This chapter serves as a link between the flashback of Gojo’s past to the present. Furthermore, A Taste of Things to Come also transitions into a mini segment known as Evening Festival (80-82).

The much-anticipated Shibuya Arc of Jujutsu Kaisen manga starts from Chapter 83, and continues till 136, with 53 parts. This arc is famous for its well-choreographed fights, and diversion from the traditional Shonen tropes.

A brief recap of the Hidden Inventory arc

The anime adaption of the Hidden Inventory segment of Gojo’s Past Arc was phenomenal, to say the least. This arc is one of the best arcs of Jujutsu Kaisen manga because it exhibits the dynamics between Gojo and Geto, and allows the scope for in-depth analysis.

Hidden Inventory arc takes the audience back to the time when Geto and Gojo were friends, and studied together at the Tokyo Jujutsu High School. One day, the duo received a mission from Master Tengen to escort a girl named Riko Amanai. It was noted that she was the Star Plasma Vessel for Master Tengen.

Riko Amanai as seen in the anime (Image via MAPPA)

Every 500 years, Tengen had to merge with a Star Plasma Vessel so that his body could stay stabilized. Gojo and Geto were deemed the strongest in the Tokyo Jujutsu High, and that’s why they were given the task of escorting the Star Plasma Vessel safely.

However, the mission wasn’t that easy, as the Star Plasma Vessel was targeted by two groups, Q Group and Star Religious Group. The latter wanted to eradicate the Star Plasma Vessel because they revered Master Tengen as a God, and didn’t want his sacred body to be tainted as a result of the merger event.

Toji Fushiguro as seen in JJK 2 (Image via MAPPA)

In order to accomplish their goals, the group hired Toji Fushiguro, the Sorcerer Killer. Toji Fushiguro worked on a plan to wear Satoru Gojo down so that he could kill both him and Riko Amanai, the Star Plasma Vessel.

Toji’s plan worked, as he managed to decimate Satoru Gojo and land a bullet on Riko Amanai’s head. However, on his dying breath, Satoru Gojo learned to use Reverse Cursed Technique to heal his wounds and unlocked the true potential of his Limitless.

Satoru Gojo in an awakened state (Image via MAPPA)

Gojo in his awakened state was delirious with powers. He focused his cursed energy and shot Hollow Purple to obliterate half of Toji’s torso to end his life.

The arc also focused on Suguru Geto’s moral regression.

The prime highlight of this arc is the dynamics between Gojo and Geto. It’s about how the former came to be known as the strongest sorcerer of the modern world, while the latter’s morality regressed to a point of no return.

Visuals from Hidden Inventory Arc (Image via MAPPA)

The second part of JJK 2 will follow the events of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and adapt the Shibuya arc. It remains to be seen how many chapters the second part covers since the arc consists of 53 chapters.

Be sure to keep up with more anime news and manga updates as 2023 progresses.

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