Where to pick up Oshi No Ko manga after season 1 of the anime, explained

Oshi No Ko anime fans, unable to contain their excitement since the series’ conclusion on June 28, have now turned to the Oshi No Ko manga. Though it has been confirmed that season 2 of the anime has been greenlit, no date has been set for its release as of now. As a result, rather than waiting for the next season, fans of the series are now picking up the manga.

Following the conclusion of episode 11, the Oshi No Ko anime wrapped up with The First Concert arc, meaning it will pick up from chapter 41 of the manga in season 2. However, there are many more arcs left to cover. Some of the remaining ones are the 2.5D Stage Play, The Main Story, and the Movie.

As a result, before the release of Oshi No Ko Season 2, fans of the series have a great opportunity to catch up with the Oshi No Ko manga.

All the Oshi No Ko manga arcs that follow season 1 of the anime

The Oshi No Ko anime is based on the eponymous Japanese manga that is written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. As of March 2023, the chapters of the manga had been collected in 11 tankobon volumes after being serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump in April 2020.

So far, Oshi No Ko has completed one season of broadcasting. There are 11 episodes in the first season, lasting 25 minutes each.

Up to its eleventh episode, the Oshi No Ko anime has covered four of the manga arcs: the first arc, Prologue (1-10); the second, Show Business (11-20); the third, Dating Reality Show (21-32); and the fourth, The First Concert (33-40). Consequently, the anime has so far covered a total of 40 chapters of the Oshi No Ko manga, leaving plenty of room for more manga content to be adapted in season 2.

The fourth arc was primarily concerned with Mem-Cho’s acceptance into the recently resurrected B-Komachi idol group, the group’s appearance at the Japan Idol Festival, and the selection of Arima, Aqua, and Akane for the Tokyo Blade stage production. Thus, as it stands, season 2 is anticipated to begin in the 2.5D Stage Play arc or, more specifically, from chapter 41.

Therefore, fans can begin reading from chapter 41 now that the finale of Oshi No Ko season 1 has been released. The 2.5D Stage Play arc (41-66) will have a total of 26 chapters, making it the longest arc in the Oshi No Ko manga. Following the 2.5 Stage play arc, the manga will move through the following arcs.

  • Private (chapters 67-80)
  • The Main Story (chapters 81-100)
  • Scandal (chapters 101-108)
  • Movie (chapters 109-Ongoing)

The Oshi No Ko manga currently has 122 chapters, with chapter 123 set for release on July 6. This suggests that there will be a chance for a third installment even after content adaptations for the second season.

For the time being, however, it is anticipated that this season will be more thrilling because several other characters will be introduced in the following arcs and more thrillers and mysteries will follow along.

What is the series about?

For those who have not yet begun watching anime or reading manga, the following is how Manga Plus, which digitally publishes the Oshi No Ko manga, describes the story:

It further continues:

The first season of Oshi No Ko is currently available on Netflix Asia, HIDIVE, Ani-One Asia, and other regional streaming services for viewers who want to catch up. Additionally, fans can also read the Oshi No Ko manga.

Stay tuned for more anime and manga updates as 2023 progresses.

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