Where To Read the Berserk Manga Online

Berserk might’ve never received the truly great anime adaptation it deserved, but Kentaro Miura’s manga continues to flourish even after his passing, so much so in fact that the manga is already confirmed to continue under the supervision of his childhood friend Kouji Mori. Berserk has been going on for over three decades, and amassed a whopping 350+ chapters.

If you’re an anime-only watcher, you’ll never get to witness how good of a dark fantasy Berserk truly is, as the failed anime adaptations underdeliver the manga’s legacy in every way imaginable. With the story keeping a fair enough pace of release, this seems to be the best time to jump into the manga, so here’s where you can read the Berserk manga online.

Where Can I Read The Berserk Manga Online?

The Berserk chapters have been published on and off since 1989 in Hakusensha’s seinen magazine Young Animal, while English publication rights are owned by Dark Horse Comics. So the go-to place to read Berserk online right now would be over at the official manga page on the Dark Horse website since it’s got all 40 volumes available for purchase either as standalones or in sweet discounted bundles of four.

But if you’re scouring the internet for ways to read Berserk online for free, then Mangadex is the known holy grail. Apart from these two, Amazon’s ComiXology has been booming lately with its manga additions, and Berserk just so happens to be one of them. Apple iPhone users are in luck as well because Apple Books also has the Berserk volumes listed, and those too thankfully for the standard price tag of $8.99 each.

What Is Berserk About?

Raised in a cruel and twisted reality, Guts grows up to be a lone swordsman who wanders the treacherous Midlands. Upon meeting the mercenary group Band of the Hawk and its leader Griffith, Guts develops a kinship with the crew. After a rather long period of adventures, Guts ultimately decides to sever himself from the band.

Seemingly, a series of unfortunate events befall Griffith, and later a phenomenon known as The Eclipse takes place in which Griffith sacrifices his whole band to be reborn as an evil entity called Femto just to spite Guts for abandoning him. As Femto, Griffith embodies pure evil and commits unspeakable atrocities as if he were no longer human. And so the events of Berserk begin when a traumatized Guts, who barely survived The Eclipse, is now branded with a mark that endlessly draws demons to him. While facing hordes of demons on a daily basis, Guts vows revenge against Griffith, and no price or risk seems too great for him to take.

Where other manga wavered, Kentaro Miura’s Berserk stood tall with its lack of compromising on the gruesomeness of its tale. Berserk is a must-read for fans of the grim and ghastly, so be sure to embark on this thrilling journey of The Black Swordsman.

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