Is Romantic Killer manga finished? Explained

Romantic Killer, the popular shonen manga has gained a huge following, thanks to its witty humor, vibrant art, and quirky supernatural premise. The story follows Anzu, an ordinary high school girl who is transformed into a magical girl by the wizard Riri. Anzu gains extraordinary strength and agility but loses her ability to fall in love.

This unusual setup leads to plenty of comedic situations as Anzu tries to balance her secret identity with typical teenage life.

Romantic Killer was serialized in Shonen Jump+ from 2019-2020 and adapted into an anime in 2022. But did the manga truly wrap up Anzu’s journey or could there be more to come?

Romantic Killer Manga has officially concluded

Romantic Killer concludes with protagonist Anzu lifting her magical curse but still struggling to understand romance. The ending ties up the literal spell plotline but leaves character growth open-ended. Anzu retains much of her immature personality despite overcoming the magical obstacle to love.

This ambiguous resolution seems intentional, showing Anzu’s emotional struggles as more fundamental than a temporary curse. She begins confronting her issues but remains a flawed work in progress by the manga’s end.

Wataru Momose, the creator of Romantic Killer, likely chose this pathway to stay true to the characters while leaving doors open. Anzu was never going to become perfectly mature over one story arc.

Her retaining flaws and confusion feel honest. And narratively, the open ending enables potential sequels or spin-offs following Anzu at a later stage in life.

The anime adaptation’s popularity further hints at the ongoing audience appetite for more Romantic Killer stories. Between narrative potential and fan demand, conditions seem ripe should Momose ever wish to revisit Anzu’s journey.

Will there be a sequel to Romantic Killer Manga?

A few subtle clues also suggest the creators may have left room for more manga storytelling within the Romantic Killer universe. The wizard Riri continues wielding magical girl powers, albeit in secret. This indicates fantasy elements could still play a role despite Anzu’s curse lifting.

Romantic Killer also avoids definitive romantic resolutions. Anzu harbors an unrequited crush on classmate Ryo but he remains oblivious. Even potential interests like Hiyori stay in ambiguity rather than becoming committed partners. This grants manga creators the freedom to explore new romantic directions for Anzu down the line.

No direct sequel has been formally announced yet. But the ending was likely structured to keep future manga content feasible. Momose has shared in interviews that he focused on crafting an entertaining comedy series rather than plotting extensive sequels. However, he and artist Rii Miyamae express openness to revisiting these characters someday if demand persists.

For now, the manga creators seem to be leaving possibilities open without making firm plans. Fans will have to stay tuned for any official word on Romantic Killer’s future. But its open-ended conclusion provides plenty of narrative room for the manga to potentially continue should the right opportunity arise. Audiences remain hopeful they haven’t seen the last of Anzu and her supernatural predicaments.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, where does Romantic Killer stand currently? The manga ended in an open-ended manner back in 2020 after a successful four-volume run. Sales and reviews demonstrate strong audience enthusiasm. Anzu finishes her initial character arc but still has room to grow. Riri maintains magical abilities off-panel.

No direct sequel has been announced so far. However, the creative team has not shut down the possibility either. Romantic Killer’s universe and cast remain primed for new stories should the demand arise. The ending provides narrative potential without forcing anything to come next.

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